Carbon Trust Opens New Floating Wind JIP Tenders

The Carbon Trust has launched three tenders for floating wind technology as part of the Floating Wind Joint Industry Partnership (JIP).

In the first tender, The Carbon Trust is inviting companies and consortia to undertake a study looking at the feasibility and technology development needs for heavy lift offshore operations in a floating wind farm.

The scope of work will include conducting an evaluation of current methods and solutions for undertaking heavy lift maintenance operations from floating vessels offshore, as well as carrying out feasibility studies and producing method statements.

The second tender seeks a contractor to investigate the drivers behind using tow-to-port maintenance strategies in floating wind, who will be in charge of studying the procedures for disconnecting and reconnecting units in a project and identifying key challenges and solutions to mitigate risks and costs.

The awarded party will also undertake feasibility studies and produce detailed method statements for the maintenance operations and logistics assessments for large campaigns, as well as produce robust cost estimates for different maintenance strategies in different conditions.

In the third tender, The Carbon Trust is looking for companies and consortia to identify and evaluate innovative mooring and anchoring solutions for a range of challenging environmental conditions.

The main objectives are evaluating current mooring system solutions and technology development needs to commercialize innovative mooring and anchoring solutions, as well as developing technical design specifications for a range of site conditions and realistic design scenarios with robust cost estimates.

Clarification questions for the three tenders should be sent by 5 February, while the answers are expected to be posted by 8 February.

The deadline for submitting applications for all the tenders is 21 February by 23:59 GMT.

Photo: Image source: The Carbon Trust