Hollandse Kust Noord WRA Team Selected

A consortium consisting of Oldbaum Services, Pondera Consult, Whiffle and Deltares will support the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) by conducting a Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) for the Hollandse Kust (noord) (HKN) wind farm zone.

Source: RVO.nl

The WRA – a desk study on the wind climate in the area of the future HKN zone – is used as input for the modelling of wind farms and/or estimating the future energy production of a wind farm. The approach of the study has the goal of reducing the uncertainties in this wind energy project, which might lead to a reduction of costs.

In order to achieve the most accurate results possible, the consortium will use the latest measurements techniques and models. Data from met masts and floating LiDARs will be combined with already existing data from KNMI/Rijkswaterstaat monitoring stations.

The Dutch government wants to achieve a 14% renewable energy share in 2020, growing to 16% in 2023.

HKN is one of the offshore zones designated by the Dutch government, with a total power output of 700MW.

This wind farm zone is located 18.5 kilometres off the coast and is one of the six new offshore wind zones which will be developed in the Netherlands.