Photo of the Day: GMS Endeavour Testing Sea Legs in Blyth

Port of Blyth has shared a photo of Gulf Marine Services testing the jack-up operation of the Self Elevating Support Vessel (SESV) GMS Endeavour at the port’s South Harbour terminal.

Image source: Port of Blyth

GMS Endeavour and her sister vessel GMS Evolution, also seen in the photo, arrived at the Port of Blyth to mobilise for operations at Ørsted’s 1.2GW Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm.

The two SESVs will provide accommodation for up to 150 technicians constructing the wind farm some 120 kilometres off Yorkshire.

As part of the mobilisation, GMS Endeavour will be fitted with a large Osbit access tower with integrated boat landing for crew transfer vessels.

By deploying the two GMS vessels and equipping one of them with a boat landing system, Ørsted will create an offshore hub at the Hornsea One site, allowing technicians working on the three substations and a reactive compensation station (RCS), and those working on other areas of the wind farm – such as the wind turbines – to stay on the same vessel.

The Hornsea Project One will comprise 174 Siemens 7MW wind turbines, three offshore substations and an RCS, scheduled for commissioning in 2020.

Photo: Image source: Port of Blyth