N-Sea Develops New UXO Detection System

Subsea IMR provider N-Sea has developed Magsense, a vertical gradiometer array said to be specifically designed for highly accurate Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) campaigns.

Image source: N-Sea

According to N-Sea, the system has been designed to collect and record high resolution data in magnetically noisy subsea environments and hostile conditions, delivering accuracy, greater efficiency and enhanced safety in the detection of UXO.

Used in conjunction with a Remotely Operated Tow Vehicle (ROTV), the Magsense frame can be towed through the water in ways previously not feasible, ensuring that even the most uneven terrain is tracked accurately and consistently, N-Sea said

Additional sensors provide a better control of the unit, and the 3D steering of the frame drastically decreases the amount of infill to be budgeted for, while its specially-designed launch-and-recovery system keeps manual handling to a minimum and reduces risk to personnel, the company said.

N-Sea used knowledge and experience accumulated during previous UXO campaigns to develop Magsense.

“Specifically designed for wide seabed survey, with highly accurate UXO target detection and accurate modelling, it is suitable for use in all environments. Uniquely, this allows for the collection of high quality, high density gradiometer data in previously inaccessible, shallow tidal areas,” Roddy James, N-Sea Chief Operating Officer, said.