Tekmar Delivers for Kriegers Flak

UK-based cable protection specialist Tekmar Energy has won a contract to supply its polyurethane J-tube bellmouths and cover disks for the HVAC transformer platforms on the 600MW Kriegers Flak project in the Danish Baltic Sea.

Image source: Tekmar Energy

Bellmouths are critical components on the subsea end of a J-tube which aid with the cable installation by reducing the risk of snagging, and ultimately provide the mechanical interface for which the cable protection system (CPS) will lock into, Tekmar said.

As the transformer platforms will be installed early on the project, Tekmar was required to deliver the bellmouths separately from the CPSs and on a very short turnaround. The bellmouths were produced in Tekmar’s manufacturing facility in the North East of England.

In November 2017, the units were installed onto the gravity base substructures, which are being constructed in Ostend Belgium before being transported to the offshore wind farm site ahead of the cable installation campaign which is currently planned for 2021.

Vattenfall’s 600MW Kriegers Flak wind farm consists of two sections, each with its own substation.

The west section, KFA, will have a total capacity of 200MW. The east section, KFB, will have a total capacity of 400MW.

The KFB substation will also serve as the support for the KFE module which is part of the Combined Grid Solution project run by Energinet.dk and 50Hertz.

The Combined Grid Solution will interconnect the Danish and German grid via two offshore wind farms, Kriegers Flak and Germany’s 288MW Baltic 2.