Ørsted Tweaks Hornsea Three Cable Route

Ørsted has invited comments on the proposed modifications to the onshore and offshore cable corridor for the Hornsea Project Three wind farm located some 120 kilometres off the north Norfolk coast, UK.

Image source: Ørsted

Following the statutory consultation on the project held from July to September 2017, Ørsted identified locations where works are now proposed beyond the area presented during the last consultation.

The previous round of consultation encompassed a 1.5 kilometre wide offshore cable corridor search area and a 200 metre wide onshore cable corridor search area, within which an 80-metre wide refined onshore cable corridor, along with associated access routes and storage areas, will be located.

Ørsted is now proposing works beyond the 200-metre-wide onshore cable corridor, as well as two potential offshore cable re-routes beyond the search area presented earlier this year. The developer has also identified new access routes, potential storage areas, potential visual screening and potential footpath diversion areas.

This consultation, open until 22 December, is targeted at those who either have an interest in the land and/or are affected by any works now proposed beyond the previously proposed areas or whose interest in land has only been established after the previous round of consultation, the developer said.

If built to full capacity, Hornsea Project Three will be capable of generating up to 2.4GW of electricity.

The project is currently in the pre-application phase, with a Development Consent Order (DCO) application expected to be submitted in the second quarter of 2018.