Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port Pushes On with Offshore Wind Plans

Natural Power and SeaRoc Group have completed a report to assist the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port in France in preparations to accommodate the delivery of offshore winds farms. 

Natural Power was commissioned by the Nantes  Saint-Nazaire Port and teamed up with SeaRoc Group for the preparation of a report to Grand Port Maritime de Nantes Saint-Nazaire (GPMNSN).

The report was provided to assist with considerations for offshore wind development plans as part of the port’s wider development strategy.

The objective of the report was to identify the requirements for, and impact on the port to support an offshore wind farm. It identified the strategy for future development of the port, as a guidance to local authorities and to mitigate risks and included a construction timeline and key requirements for each development phase.

“We delivered an assessment of what the port would have to include in terms of facilities and land provision for the developer’s requirements to run project management and construction personnel form the port,” David Wotherspoon from SeaRoc Group said.

”We looked at how the delivery of these port facility developments may be staged to tie in with the wind farm development stages. Subsequently, we are delighted to be informed that the study was considered of high quality and supported the decision-making process of the board of Grand Port Maritime de Nantes Saint Nazaire for the development plan of the outer-port.”

Photo: Image source: Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port