Swire Seabed Boosts Fleet with Siem Offshore’s Stingray

Swire Seabed has signed a contract with Siem Offshore for up to three years bareboat charter of Siem’s Light Construction Vessel (LCV) Siem Stingray, which will be re-named Seabed Stingray and used in the renewables, IMR, and construction support sectors.

Seabed Stingray will join Swire fleet in 2018. The company stated that its markets of focus for the vessel will be North Europe and West Africa.

The IMR, Construction and Survey vessel is 120.90m long with a deck space of 1350m². It is equipped with a 250t offshore crane and will also have two heavy duty work class ROVs.

Swire Seabed also purchased Seabed Constructor in early 2017, and said that it will use the two high capacity LCVs for delivering complex subsea projects.