Adwen’s Prototype 8MW Turbine Dwarfs Bremerhaven Skyline

Source: Adwen

Adwen’s prototype 8MW wind turbine generator, currently under construction in Bremerhaven, Germany is now mechanically complete, the company told Offshore WIND.

Source: Adwen

All five tower sections have now been installed, along with the nacelle and the three 88.4-metre blades, the longest in the world, manufactured by LM Wind Power and designed specifically for this turbine model. The turbine has a rotor diameter of 180 metres.

The prototype, installed at Fraunhofer IWES’ offshore wind test site, is expected to be commissioned in the following weeks, Adwen said.

The prototype will undergo a series of field tests developed by Adwen and Fraunhofer IWES to expedite the certification process and the entry into the commercial market.

The AD 8-180 turbine has so far been selected for three projects off the coasts of France, totalling 1.5GW.