Correction: DORIS Renewables’ Floating Wind Gigs Completed

Following last week’s reports that DORIS Engineering’s recently set up division, dedicated to renewable energy, is starting its operations with floating offshore wind projects in France, the company told Offshore WIND that the works DORIS Renewables has been in charge of have already been completed. 

Illustration (Image: SBM Offshore)

Namely, DORIS Renewables had been involved in EDF EN’s Provence Grand Large floating offshore wind project back in 2016 and the company has already completed its work there.

For EDF EN’s project, DORIS provided technical assistance for the evaluation of the technical offers from floater’s contractors, Jérôme Iacovella, Head of the DORIS Renewables Business Unit, explained. The work encompassed the review of all technical documents provided by the competitors with particular focus on the following items: design robustness and viability, naval architecture, constructability, mooring system and installation.

For Quadran’s EolMed floating offshore wind project, DORIS Renewables has been assisting the developer in preparing the scope of work for geotechnical and geophysical surveys and ensuring that its content suits the specific needs of the project, Iacovella said. The work encompassed the proper definition of the following items: methodologies, equipment, number of tests, instrumentation required, calibration method, survey grid, precision, documentation to be provided, laboratory tests, etc.

“After a period of Contractors consultation and the reception of the technical proposal, DORIS has participated in the technical evaluation of the bids by providing neutral and independent review of the Contractors documents. This project ended in February 2017,” Jérôme Iacovella said.

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