Seawind, Olav Olsen to Jointly Bring Forward 6.2MW Demo Project

Seawind Systems and Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen have signed a strategic alliance agreement to drive the introduction of 2-bladed offshore wind energy systems using Olav Olsen-designed concrete fixed and floating gravity based structures. The newly set up strategic alliance includes joint investment into Seawind’s 6.2MW Demonstrator project in Norway.

Source: Seawind

The companies will build the project at the MetCentre demonstration facility in Karmøy in 2018, with an aim to disrupt the offshore wind energy market with Seawind’s two-bladed energy system supported by Olav Olsen’s foundation.

Olav Weider, Managing Director at Olav Olsen said: “Offshore concrete structures such as the Condeep platforms have been the company’s trademark since the seventies. We have worked closely with the Seawind technical team to develop a specific design for their unique 2-bladed wind turbine.”

According to the companies, the LCOE will be significantly lower than for traditional offshore wind turbine systems, with the two-bladed wind turbine system having significant installation and maintenance advantages.

“The high cost of wind energy is due to the fact that current offshore models are modified versions of heavy, three-bladed onshore turbines, not made for offshore operations,” said Martin Jakubowski, CEO of Seawind.

The turbine, which features a helipad for heavy helicopters to safely transport personnel and equipment, can be installed in storm-prone areas such as East Asia and the US.

“Offshore wind energy is restricted to moderate climates, because current models cannot withstand harsher conditions, like hurricanes. Seawind will offer the first 6.2 MW two-bladed upwind energy turbine specifically designed for offshore. With its teetering hinge and yaw control, it is built for violent offshore conditions. It contains less material and fewer parts, has longer expected life and on board maintainability,” Jakubowski said.