W3G Developing Drone-Based Erosion Inspection Solution

W3G Marine is working on a drone-based erosion inspection technology concept for offshore wind farms, with an aim to contribute to operations and maintenance cost reduction.

As one of the companies predominantly working in offshore oil and gas and moving into offshore renewables, W3G Marine met with ORE Catapult to discuss potential innovation challenges for offshore wind to find an avenue in which they felt they could assist, ORE Catapult informed as part of the news on launching the offshore renewables innovation challenges for oil and gas businesses.

“W3G Marine Ltd are developing a drone deployed inspection tool for offshore wind turbine blade damage, and have been working with ORE Catapult during the design stage of the project. The Catapult has been an invaluable help, and the process has opened up opportunities for us to diversify our product offering and explore new markets,” said John Giles, Director of W3G Marine.

Last year, the company teamed up with Vattenfall and Geosea to test its HydroNAS™ piling noise mitigation system and achieved an underwater noise reduction of 25dB in SEL (Sound Exposure Level) and 35dB in peak pressure. The trial was conducted during the installation of a 5m diameter monopile with no energy restriction at Kentish Flats, using an IHC S1200 hammer.

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