Lely Offshore Wind Farm Is No More

Dutch utility Nuon, part of Vattenfall, has started dismantling the four turbines at the 2MW Lely wind farm in the IJsselmeer.

The wind farm, located some 800 metres offshore, was built in 1992 and was in service for 22 years. It is the first offshore wind farm operated by Nuon to be dismantled.

Lely made the news back in December 2014 when one of the wind farm’s turbines lost its rotor head and blades due to metal fatigue.

The subsequent investigation determined that the remaining three turbines did not suffer from metal fatigue, but Nuon decided to decommission the wind farm as it was approching the end of its operating life and was becoming less profitable.

Crane barges and tugs are currently dismantling the wind turbines and tower sections.

The foundations and the cables will be dismantled at a later stage.

Offshore WIND Staff