Photo of the Day: Haliade Blade Heads to USA

Haliade Blade Heads to USA

GE Renewable Energy has shared an image of a blade starting its journey from Denmark to the USA where it will be installed on one of five Haliade 150-6MW turbines on the Block Island wind farm and become one of the first blades to start spinning in US waters.

The first of five nacelles has also departed GE’s factory in Saint Nazaire, France, and is headed to the Port of Providence, Rhode Island, where the turbine tower components have already arrived.

Blue Water Shipping is in charge of the transportation of the blades from Denmark to the USA, as well as the tower sections which arrived from Aviles, Spain.

Once the blade arrives in the Port of Providence, it will be handled and stored by Blue Water USA, a company which has been involved with the project since December 2015, providing hub logistics services to GE at the site.

Built by Deepwater Wind and located three miles off the coast of Block Island, the 30MW Block Island wind farm  is scheduled to come online at the end of 2016 and become the first offshore wind farm off US.

Offshore WIND Staff