Denmark Loses One Kriegers Flak Bidder

A consortium comprising German companies wpd and Stadtwerke München and Danish HOFOR, set up to bid for the development of Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm, has withdrawn from the bidding process, according to the national media and Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA).

The consortium has reportedly given up on bidding to build the largest offshore wind farm in Denmark due to uncertainty that has arisen in Danish renewable energy sector after the Danish Government announced it wants to reopen the energy agreement as it is contemplating lowering the country’s energy transition ambitions, saying Public Service Obligations (PSO) levy is too high.

The consortium is one of seven tenderers prequalified by the Danish Energy Agency in October 2015.

“It is very unfortunate that we see an international consortium to withdraw from Denmark in this light. It confirms what the industry has said, that the political uncertainty in the energy sector risks jeopardizing the green transition and that it should keep staying on track and stick to agreements instead,” said Jan Hylleberg of the Danish Wind Industry Association.

He further said he fears that the political uncertainty in the wind power industry will affect the entire energy sector in Denmark, and that the country will thus eventually be bypassed by international investors. “This is a warning of what turmoil causes and should lead to a political afterthought,” Hylleberg concluded.

Offshore WIND Staff