DONG Energy Hires Clinton for Hornsea 3 Geophysical Survey

DONG Energy  has awarded Clinton, a Swedish marine survey company, a contract for a geophysical survey at the Hornsea Project Three site, so a more accurate geophysical baseline for the project area can be established.

Photo: Clinton

Clinton Marine Survey’s CEO, Martin Wikmar said: “This is the right step in our long term plan and also a high quality mark for our services to be working together with clients such as DONG Energy.”

DONG Energy’s Site Investigation Project Manager, Roland Gotfredsen said: “We have awarded Clinton as they have provided us with an interesting offer both in regards to technology, price and quality – and also thinking out of the box regarding the set-up of the survey. Now we need to get to sea and deliver on all accounts, also when it comes to a safe execution of the survey.”