Kongsberg to EmPower Hywind Demo

Statoil has been awarded a grant from Enova to test the condition monitoring capabilities of the Kongsberg EmPower system for the floating wind turbine Hywind Demo.

Statoil will monitor the condition of the turbine using the EmPower system, and evaluate its functionality to discover early signs of fault, and calculate remaining lifetime for main components. This will contribute to a reduction of maintenance costs and downtime caused by unforeseen faults and maintenance need for offshore wind turbines, Kongsberg said.

Installation of the system for the Hywind Demo will be conducted this spring.

“The information from Kongsberg EmPower will enable Statoil to better plan maintenance activities ahead, which is especially critical offshore with highly varying weather conditions. Improved prediction and planning of maintenance potentially entails a substantial cost reduction,” said Kristian Holm, President of Kongsberg Renewables Technology.

In 2009, Statoil invested in the research, development, construction and installation of the Hywind Demo turbine 10km off the western coast of Norway. The turbine was set into operation in 2010.

“Through the first years of testing, the Hywind concept has been verified, performing beyond expectations. The Hywind concept has few operational challenges, excellent production output, and well-functioning technical systems. This opens new renewable energy business opportunities, utilizing offshore areas for clean energy production,” said Stephen Bull of Statoil, Senior Vice President Wind and CCS.

“Enova invested in the Hywind-Demo in 2007 and we are very happy to take part in this project as well. When this technology succeeds, there will be potential for an increase in the energy production from the Hywind-Demo, as well as other wind farms in the future,” said Nils Kristian Nakstad, CEO of Enova.