Two MHI Vestas 8MW Turbines Up and Running in Måde (Gallery)

Danish Energy and Climate Minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt, yesterday officially inaugurated the 16MW Måde project in Denmark, featuring the first MHI Vestas’ 8MW turbines used in commercial operation.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind delivered the two turbines to European Energy A/S, which developed the Måde project in the port of Esbjerg in cooperation with their local partner BMC Energi. The project comprises two V164-8.0 MW turbines, with the main purpose to test the installation methods and operation & maintenance procedures of the turbine onshore, prior to the commencement of serial deliveries offshore.

The two wind turbines are only the second and third turbines of the type to be commissioned.

The turbines have been installed on the Danish west coast just south of the city of Esbjerg and each produce enough electricity to power more than 9,000 homes when running at peak capacity. The turbines have a rotor diameter of 164m and a maximum height of 200m from the foundation to the blade tip.

Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy, said: “Our mission is to drive down the price of electricity from wind turbines and solar cells even further. The inauguration of the world’s most powerful wind turbines is a giant leap in that direction.”

Jens Tommerup, CEO MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, said: “Today marks a significant milestone for MHI Vestas with the official opening of the Måde project. We are committed to developing affordable offshore wind energy and the Måde site was a crucial step in the development of the V164, giving us the opportunity to test and verify the installation and commissioning of the turbine prior to offshore work. We look forward to building a strong partnership together with both customers over the next 20 years of the service contract.”