TT’s Malltraeth Bay Supports VBMS at Sandbank; Another Vessel Working in Denmark

Turbine Transfers’ 21m offshore support vessel Malltraeth Bay has started working on the Sandbank offshore wind farm, under a contract with VBMS. 

Photo: Turbine Transfers

VBMS won a EUR 90 million contract for the Sandbank offshore wind farm in 2014. The company is in charge of cable supply, CPS, installation, post-lay burial, and termination and testing of 76 infield cables. The work is due to be completed by this summer.

The 288MW Sandbank offshore wind farm, located next to the DanTysk offshore wind farm in the German Bight, will feature 72 Siemens’ 4MW wind turbines. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

Meanwhile, another Turbine Transfers’ vessel – Porth Nefyn – has commenced a 7-month charter for a Danish offshore wind project. The company left the project and its client unnamed.

Offshore WIND Staff