Marine Renewables Cost Reduction to Be Discussed at Oceanology International 2016

The opening day of Oceanology International 2016 will see a conference session exploring some of the steps being taken to achieve cost reduction in marine renewable energy.

Co-chairs of the day-long session, Nick Murphy, SeaRoc’s Head of Operations, and Tony Hodgson, Fugro’s Global Business Development Manager – Renewable Energy, said: “We will start by exploring some of the new techniques and technologies which are expanding our knowledge in offshore surveying, in areas such as underwater acoustics, quantifying turbulence, and dealing with WWII bombs and other unexploded ordnance.

“After lunch we have a panel of experts who will present some of the more novel foundation systems which are being deployed to support offshore wind, tidal and wave energy projects around the world, and who will talk about a variety of projects they have been involved with, from large bore submarine drills, rock anchors and suction caissons to self-installing substations from Germany.

“Finally we will wrap up with a session on new applications from existing technologies, at which we will hear from the European Space Agency on how space tech is being applied in offshore renewables (and vice versa).

“These include the latest on floating LiDAR for offshore anemometry, and a commercial power application from wave energy today; as well as the fascinating world and complexities associated with physical modelling and replicating the environmental conditions of seabed scour.”

“Personally I am really looking forward to learning about self-jacking substations from Germany and hearing from the European Space Agency on how the technologies from offshore renewables are being used in space,” said Nick Murphy.


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