WERPO Negotiates Wave Power Project in India

Blackbird International Corporation (BBRD) has reported that its fully owned subsidiary, Wave Electricity Renewable Power Ocean (WERPO) was invited to meet the Indian Government in Gujarat, a state in western India.

Israel Enden from WERPO traveled to its capital, Ahmadabad and met the Cabinet Minister of Energy and his personnel.

WERPO was introduced to GEDA, India’s Government agency dedicated to exploring new technologies in the renewable energy sector.

The directors of the Institute are planning a trip to examine the WERPO power station model at WERPO’s headquarters in Tel Aviv. They expressed the interest to implement its technology all over India’s market of 1.1 billion potential customers.

Most importantly, WERPO has also met investors in India who are willing to fund this technology and would like to set up a WERPO subsidiary in India to start building power stations. Construction would start in Gujarat with a 10 MW power station and eventually expanding all over India.

The cost to build a power station is one million dollars per MW and the maintenance is one-two cents per KW, BBRD said in a press release.

Shmuel Ovadia, director at WERPO and inventor of its proprietary sea wave energy technology, stated: “India is one of WERPO’s strategic locations; it has the potential to supply enough energy for all of India due to the region’s vast expanse of ocean. This is most important since there is a growing demand of energy in India.”

Image: WERPO

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