Bibby Wraps Up Holyhead Deep Green Survey

Bibby HydroMap has completed survey operations on the €30 million Deep Green marine energy project based off Holyhead for consultant Xodus Group on behalf of developer Minesto AB.

The objective of the survey was to provide a detailed understanding of the seabed levels, characteristics and shallow geology throughout the proposed development area and associated export cable route corridor, as well as to conduct an environmental baseline study. Bathymetric, side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler data was acquired alongside benthic grab samples and drop down camera stills on board Bibby HydroMap’s 26 metre survey vessel Chartwell.

Bibby HydroMap Project Manager Michael King said: “Bibby HydroMap are committed to providing high-quality results in challenging conditions, and the opportunity to work on this site has allowed us to do just that. We are looking forward to seeing how this project develops, and we hope to be able to provide further support in the coming years as Deep Green comes online.”

With a focus on efficiency and cost reduction, the revolutionary Deep Green project, which is supported by EU funds of €13 million through the Welsh Government, is designed to maximise electricity generation from low velocity tidal currents. The kite-influenced design enables the device to move through the water column ten times faster than the current, which leads to a 1000 times more power as a result of the cubic relationship between speed and power.

Following the success of the first 0.5MW installation, the aim is to deploy a 10MW Deep Green array in Holyhead Deep which will supply electricity to the equivalent of 8000 households.

Image: Ronnie Roberts/Bibby Hydromap


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