Fugro Wins Further Work on Borssele Offshore Wind Zone

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl), part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, has signed two contracts with Fugro that cover further mapping the Borssele offshore wind energy zone.

The company will take measurements of wind and sea conditions, and to research the seabed.

Fugro will start shortly with the measurements of wind and sea conditions at future wind farm locations. The wind speed will be measured with laser beams from a floating buoy, providing crucial information for developers who will use the data to calculate the expected yields of the planned wind farms in the wind area Borssele as accurately as possible.

By examining the seabed, detailed information on water depth, geology and possible obstacles on the seabed of the Borssele sites III and IV will be obtained. With these information, developers can find an optimal design for offshore wind farms and the construction of the necessary electrical infrastructure.

Information about the soil, wind and water conditions of the wind farm sites will be available to commercial parties. They can then use the information as an input for their tenders.

Last month, Fugro won a contract to carry out the geotechnical site investigation and geological modelling of sites I and II of the future Borssele wind farm zone.

The first call for tenders for Borssele zone will start in December 2015, and the one for III and IV sites will be launched in 2016.

Image: Fugro

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