New UNI-SET Project Engages European Universities in Energy R&D

At the SET-plan conference on 10 and 11 December, the European University Association presented a new project in partnership with the universities of KIC InnoEnergy (represented by KU Leuven) to facilitate energy-related research, education and training activities at European universities.

Called UNI-SET (Universities in the SET-Plan), the project intends to stimulate the development of new Master, Doctoral and research programmes, as well as the creation of new research collaborations bringing together multidisciplinary teams. Additionally, UNI-SET aims to provide opportunities for universities to contribute to policy discussions and engage in dialogues on the development of the SET-Plan, Horizon 2020 and to participate in consultations on European energy matters and related areas.

UNI-SET will map existing Master, Doctoral and research programmes at European universities, and identify the professional profiles which are needed in the long term in the energy sector. In addition, UNI-SET will mobilise the university sector in the field of energy research and education, and pool the richness and diversity of university expertise to direct efforts towards addressing common goals in Europe.

Specific objectives of UNI-SET include the production of state-of-the-art, web-based maps displaying energy research and education activities in Europe, and the collection of empirical data about the range of university activities in disciplines and technology fields related to the SET-Plan. By these means, the project will also provide important background knowledge for the future development of research activities in the energy field.

UNI-SET aims at identifying opportunities for universities to engage in new research projects tackling energy-related challenges, and also to foster the creation of new Master programmes according to the evolution of knowledge and technologies for better employability of university graduates. It seeks to reduce fragmentation of European universities’ research, education and training capacities in the energy field.

Press release; Image: KIC-InnoEnergy (Illustration)

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