Developer Submits ‘Plan B’ Application for Navitus Bay

Navitus Bay Development Limited has submitted an alternative proposal for fewer turbines that will be further from the Coast.

The examining authority for the Navitus Bay Wind Park Application recently set out a number of written questions and requests for information. A question aimed at Navitus Bay Development Limited (the Applicant) asked whether it was possible that during the examination the Applicant will offer to reduce the number of turbines below the current range of 121-194 and/or remove those closest to terrestrial viewpoints.

In response, the Applicant has submitted plans for a reduced layout. This does not replace the original submission; however, in the event that the Secretary of State decides that the proposal does not strike the right balance between benefits and impacts, the second option which is referred to as the “mitigation option” reduces the number of turbines closet to the terrestrial viewpoints.

Key characteristics of the mitigation option

The mitigation option would result generating capacity of up to 630MW, a range of turbines between 76 x 8MW and 105 x 6MW, reduced turbine area from 153sq. km to 79sq. km and movement further south of the north west and north east boundaries of the turbine area.

It is claimed that the mitigation option would increase the separation of the turbine area from the coast by 4.5km from Durlston Head, 5.7km from Bournemouth, and 4.2km from the Needles.

In addition, the Applicant states that it would reduce the horizontal spread of the turbine area when seen from the coast by 26% from Durlston Head, 20% from Bournemouth, and 30% from the Needles.

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Press release; Image: Navitus Bay