Subsea Cabling Trials Coming Up at FORCE

Canada’s test center for in-stream tidal energy technology FORCE is now mobilizing to conduct a series of marine trials this week. 

A number of vessels will be involved, including barges and tugs, maneuvering and holding station. These trials support the deployment of up to four underwater power cables in the near future. These cables are designed to connect tidal turbines to FORCE’s shore facility.

For safety and logistical reasons, the Parrsboro wharf may be closed for short defined periods during the operation. Any closures or other notices will be posted. The center will be coordinating wharf use with local fishers and the Parrsboro Harbour Commission in an effort to minimize disruption to routine activities.

FORCE also requests all external vessels to keep a 500 meters distance from any vessels involved in the marine operation.

The public is welcome to observe this operation from the FORCE visitor center, which will remain open during this operation 10AM-5PM daily (but closed Tuesday + Wednesdays).

Press release; Image: FORCE


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