JDR to Supply Sandbank OWF Inter-Array Cables

VBMS has awarded JDR the inter-array cable contract for the Vattenfall AB Sandbank offshore wind farm. JDR will design and manufacture 105 kilometres of inter-array cable, including a new coilable 630mm2 copper core cable and a range of cable accessories.

The Sandbank offshore wind farm will be constructed 90km west of Sylt island, within the exclusive economic zone off the German North Sea coast. The farm will comprise 72 x 4MW turbines in water depths between 25 and 37 metres. Construction is expected to start in 2015.

The JDR engineering team will design and manufacture two inter-array cables; a 185mm2 copper conductor cable and an 630mm2 copper conductor cable. The Sandbank cable incorporates JDR’s qualified coilable design. This approach, which enables cables to coil into a static tank or basket removing the need for powered turntables or vertical reels, utilises a helically wound polypropylene string serving over the cable armouring. Both cables will be supplied in splice-free lengths, be XLPE insulated and type tested to IEC 60502-2 and CIGRE standards.

Alongside the inter-array cables, JDR will supply a range of accessories including pulling grips, hang-offs, connectors, cable cleats and subsea repair joints. The cables will be manufactured at JDR’s custom-built Hartlepool facility. This specialist facility is alongside a deepwater dock with direct access to North Sea shipping lanes, ideally positioned for loadouts for European wind farm projects.

Pat Herbert, JDR’s Executive Chairman, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with VBMS to deliver the Sandbank offshore wind farm. Sandbank is JDR’s third German wind farm win and another important step forward in the development of offshore wind energy in Northern Europe. The Sandbank project will utilise our new 630mm2 copper core inter-array cable, part of the growing range of JDR inter-array options. This cable’s coilable design is another JDR initiative to help drive down cost as it supports greater flexibility in vessel selection and storage solutions.”

“The JDR team is committed to the long-term development of the offshore wind industry, importantly using technology innovations to support the evolution of cost-effective offshore wind energy production. Our latest innovations, building on our expertise in copper core cables, include the development of 66kV cables to improve power capacity, new aluminium core inter-array cables and the transfer of cost-saving oil and gas project knowledge, such as pre-terminated cables.” 

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Press release, September 23, 2014; Image: JDR