DEA Extends Noise Modelling Report for Horns Rev 3

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) extended the noise modelling report for Horns Rev 3 with more impact assessments.

DEA Extends Noise Modelling Report for Horns Rev 3The underwater noise impact assessment undertaken for Horns Rev 3 was considering a worst case of the installation of large 10 MW turbines with 10 meter foundations being installed with the largest hydraulic hammers available.

For comparable reasons 6 MW and 8 MW turbines now also have been included in the assessment. The enclosed report has consequently been extended to account for this.

As previously announced in the published tender material, the DEA expect to publish specific requirements regarding noise mitigation in September 2014.

Horns Rev 3 is expected to come online in 2017, according to the developer

The 400MW wind energy project is located in the North Sea, and it will be able to provide 400,000 households with clean energy.

Press Release, July 10, 2014; Image: ens