FWS Grant for IGERT Field Work

Jennifer Smetzer received funding of $39, 035 from the US Fish and Wildlife Service on April 7, 2014 to continue her IGERT field work in fall of 2014.

FWS Grant for GERT Field WorkJennifer wrote the proposal with her advisers Dr. David King and Dr. Curt Griffin. The funding will cover Nano Tag radio transmitters, re-deployment of automated telemetry receivers, field technicians, housing and transportation, and laboratory analyses of DNA blood and feather isotope samples.

Her field work involves an application of a new technology for tracking small songbird migrants.

She is specifically tracking blackpoll warblers and red-eyed vireos in coastal and offshore areas in the Gulf of Maine to inform future siting and operation of offshore wind turbines.

This will be her second season of data collection for this project.

Press Release, May 06, 2014; Image: flickr


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