Atlantic Explorer Continues Clearing Seabed Boulders

Atlantic Explorer Constantly Clearing Seabed Boulders

Ever since Atlantic Marine acquired the Atlantic Explorer, the ship has been constantly on charter.

The vessel has moved literally 1000’s of subsea boulders from a large wind farm site on the UK east coast this winter.

The site is strewn with heavy boulders and even through the terrible North Sea Storms of 2013/14, the ship has continued to clear boulders and survey the ground in preparation for the installation ships and the cable lay operation.

The DP1 Atlantic Explorer is also expected to be entering operations this summer laying cable protection (Mattress lay and stone bags) from her 300 ton holds and using the ROGE / ROV to lift and position the protection accurately into position on the seabed in both Germany and the UK. The ROGE/ROV operates through a 4M Sq.

Moon pool and can lift up to 15 tons from the seabed whilst concurrently using her HD Cameras, sonar and blueview capability to survey and document the area and the move. A unique ship and ability which can lift, cut, drill and grab items in seabed up to 15 tons in weight in a single operation and at depths of over 4 kilometres.

Press release, March 22, 2014; Image: atlantic-marine