Geotechnical Survey to Begin at Burbo Bank Extension (UK)

Geotechnical Survey to Begin at Burbo Bank Extension Soon (UK)

In the early part of the new year, a geotechnical ground investigation will commence at the site of a proposed extension of Burbo Bank offshore wind farm.

This survey consists of a combination of Deep Boreholes with Cone Penetration Testing (CPT’s) at selected positions, as well as shallow Vibracore and adjacent CPT’s.

Burbo Bank Extension project is an extension to the existing Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm, which is covering an area of 40 km². With an estimated generating capacity of up to 250 MW, it is located west of the operational Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm in Liverpool Bay, around 7 km north of the North Wirral coast, 8.5 km from Crosby beach, and 12.2 km from the Point of Ayr on the Welsh coast.


Source: KIS-ORCA, December 23, 2013; Image: dongenergy



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