Sweden: MMT Completes Survey for Karehamn Wind Farm

Sweden MMT Completes Survey for Karehamn Wind Farm

MMT (Sweden) has just completed a site clearance survey in connection to the planned Kårehamn wind farm.

E.ON Vind Sverige AB contracted MMT for a Site Clearance Survey at the new Kårehamn wind farm outside the island of Öland. MMT conducted a geophysical survey followed by target an inspection, using ROV around each of the windmill foundations and also along the export cable routes. The survey objectives was to identify objects potentially hazardous for the construction jack up rigs. The geophysical survey was followed by identification of located targets using ROV.

MMT used the survey vessel Askholmen for this marine survey. Specifically designed as a multi purpose nearshore survey vessel, Askholmen is permanently mobilised and can be rapidly deployed to survey locations in the North and Baltic Sea. It’s compact size and versatility makes it especially proficient for geophysical surveys, UXO surveys and ROV inspections at turbine locations for offshore wind farm developments.


Press release, April 16, 2013; Image: mmt