The Netherlands: Vripack, Braveheart Shipping Present Javelin 22.22

The Netherlands Vripack, Braveheart Shipping Present Javelin 22.22

The high degree of innovation in the design as well as cooperation between Vripack and Braveheart Shipping might be unique but also essential to make sure the Javelin 22.22 is able to perform her duties at sea.

The innovative mentality and the features of the ship connect very well to the qualities and holistic design approach of the Vripack Team. The Javelin is a masterpiece among commercial ships, a hydrographic survey vessel with the characteristics of a specialized commercial research vessel.

The Javelin is exclusively designed to operate past the 200 mile zone. Besides being useful for survey, crew tendering activities and construction and maintenance of windmill parks, this 22.22 meter Vripack design performs outstanding in hydrographic measurements of the seabed. She is absolutely unique in her kind and size. Driven by two 1300 HP Caterpillar engines, she operates extremely well and comfortable at high speed and up to a swell of more than four meters giving high quality hydrographic data as there is no heel even at high speed circulation.

Javelin is equipped with a large range of specialties, never been used in this market before. Sailing under the strict laws of the Dutch flag and suitable for 12 passengers, Vripack engineers arranged a dedicated room for computers to process measurement data, four double cabins, a crew mess, a second steering position aft and an all glass cockpit with complete 360 degree visibility.

The Javelin was examined by MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute based in the Netherlands, to optimize the stability, roll and pitch, of the ship. This is realized by installing a gyro-stabilization system which is never used in the offshore industry before. She also has an endless range due to the oversized tanks, a HVAC system suitable for arctic temperatures, twin generators, bow and stern thrusters and indispensable dynamic positioning.

Vripack’s naval architects made sure that Javelin’s aft deck is strengthened and therefore suitable for a three tons deck load, also present are the foundation and hydraulics for an optional aft deck crane and a foldable transom platform with above an A-frame for overboard hydrographic equipment. Other items which come in handy are a big fore deck for crew transfer, all round fenders and eight integrated certified hoisting points for easy lifting and maintenance.

The features of the underwater ship are another important characteristic of this vessel. This led to an underwater design with minimal fuel consumption, low CO2 emission and a high comfort level for crew. A very rare feature on board a vessel this size are the two moonpools for hydrographic measurements. These moonpools go straight through the deep keel and therefore prevent that air bubbles might disturb the measuring sensors and cause inaccurate measurements. Finally, she has a shallow draught as the raised propellers are protected by the keel.

With Javelin, Braveheart is able to expand their fleet and extend their field of activity to Sea Area A3. All in all, the good cooperation between Vripack and Hakvoort has led to an innovative, highly commercial ship for which no sea is rough enough. Fit for purpose.


Press release, March 26, 2013; Image: vripack

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