The Netherlands: BMO Software Launches Integrated Vessel Movement Monitoring System

The Netherlands BMO Software Launches Integrated Vessel Movement Monitoring System

BMO Software, a Rotterdam-based supplier of software solutions to the offshore and wind industry, launches an integrated vessel movement monitoring system called Vessel Black Box.

Vessel Black Box is a flexible, integrated and robust vessel movement monitoring system for Crew Transfer Vessels and is based on the design philosophy ‘simple installation, easy maintenance and always direct access to all data’. Therefore Vessel Black Box ensures real-time data as the system automatically sends reports on a daily or monthly basis. After extensive testing on various locations, vessels and clients in the past months the service is now ready to be made available industry wide.

Vessel Black Box uses innovative sensor solutions –used in drones- from the aerospace industry. These provide superior performance at lower cost than conventional sensors now used in the industry.

Vessel Black Box gives wind farm operators and vessel owners advanced information in their tailor-made format on all vessel activities and this creates an easy framework for optimization of fuel consumption, crew planning, passenger comfort and safety. It helps in evaluating current performance and planning for future fleet upgrades and expansion.

Additionally the Blackbox monitors all essential HSE parameters during the sailing day including: whole body vibrations monitoring according to BSI/ISO 2631, motion sickness indicators and HD video of all transfers.

BMO Offshore markets Vessel Black Box as a service, including maintenance and reporting tailored to client wishes. The system comes with a backup power supply , WIFI and 3G/GPRS communications. Options include system-integrated monitoring cameras and a crew transfer tracking system.

BMO Offshore takes responsibility for the entire measurement campaign supplying wave wind and current measurement equipment to complement the Vessel Black Box. Furthermore, experienced consultants engage with operators, engineering companies and client sub-contractors to create maximum value form the recorded site data. Services include: Crew transfer vessel monitoring – vessel safety and performance, site monitoring and forecasting – efficient O&M planning, CTV performance and hydrodynamic data correlation.

Recently the UK Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) has selected Vessel Black Box for the Access system testing framework for both data collection as well as data analysis.

BMO offshore has experience with operation of the Vessel Black Box on various wind farms like Greater Gabbard UK (clients both Siemens A/S and SSE), Princess Amalia Wind Farm NL (client Eneco and OWS) and Alpha Ventus (client Frisia Offshore).

BMO has received the following recommendation for performance on the Greater Gabbard project:

Andrew Stormonth-Darling, Project Manager Siemens A/S:

“Siemens A/S has undertaken the trial and testing of the Black Box VMMS system developed by BMO Offshore. This campaign has run for around 6 months and has proved very beneficial to us – allowing us to gain a new insight into the performance of the vessels and other offshore technology. BMO have worked hard to produce good, tangible results, have been easy to deal with and have been flexible to our needs.”


Press release, March 15, 2013; Image: bmo-offshore