Denmark Initiates Offshore Wind Tendering Process

Denmark Initiates Offshore Wind Tendering Process

In March 2012, the Danish Government entered into an energy agreement with several other political parties from the Danish Parliament. The agreement secures the needed investments for a further step to improve Denmark’s production of renewable energy.

By the agreement the parties have decided to initiate a tendering process covering the installation of offshore wind turbines totalling 1,450 MW (including 450 MW near shore wind turbines that, however, is not included in this Prior Information Notice). The wind turbines are to be situated in the sites of Horns Rev III (400 MW) and Kriegers Flak (600 MW). The prospected offshore wind farm sites are located, respectively, in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea off the coast of Denmark.

Denmark Initiates Offshore Wind Tendering Process

The offshore wind farm installations are large and the contracts will be awarded as concession contracts. The contracts are currently planned to be awarded to one bidder per site, unless it is clear for Kriegers Flak after the discussions that the site should be split into two sites (multi sites). In any circumstance it will be possible to make a successful bid for all 600 MW at Kriegers Flak.

The potential operators are expected to be large operators or joint ventures with sufficient references within energy supply from offshore wind farms. The Danish Energy Agency (DEA; Energistyrelsen) advises smaller interested operators to approach larger operators as potential sub-contractors or, alternatively, to form joint ventures to obtain the necessary financial and technical competencies.


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