The Netherlands: MirTac Wins New Star Contract for Jack-Up Barge’s Barge

The Netherlands MirTac Wins New Star Contract for Jack-Up Barge's Barge

Jack-Up Barge awarded MirTac a new contract for consultancy and Star IPS implementation at its exciting new build self elevating platform, the JB-118. The contract includes business consulting and the set-up of all required documentation, instructions, planned maintenance and administration onboard.

The design of the state-of-the-art JB-118, Self Elevating Platform, is based on the GustoMSC SEA-3250 with main parameters of: hull length 75.9m, breadth 40m, hull depth 6m, design draft 4.2m, 4 legs of 81.55m. The barge with enhanced lifting capacity will be used for offshore wind turbine installation and other offshore engineering projects. The JB-118 is currently being built and is expected to be delivered mid-2013. The innovative platform will be bigger, faster and more efficient than all its predecessors.


Press release, February 06, 2013; Image: mirtac