UK: Offshore Wind Most Feasible for Guernsey

The Renewable Energy Team (RET), which was set up by Guernsey’s Department for Commerce and Employment, confirmed that offshore renewables, especially offshore wind, are feasible resources for the island, according to This is Guernsey news portal.

RET bases its conclusion on findings of the studies undertaken by the UK universities, which point to offshore wind as the most capable to produce 30MW of electricity and the fact that it is feasible to install 10 wind turbines off Guernsey’s north coast to meet 30% of the island’s power demand.

“We think there is a logical sequence for energy development. In the near term, a new cable. We are totally supportive of Guernsey Electricity’s moves to research a second cable given the recent experiences,” RET Chairman Jeremy Thompson, the news portal writes.

Following this support to Guernsey Electricity, which is planning a second subsea cable link to France, the power company highlighted that subsea connections will play a crucial part in securing the future power supply to the island.

“Combined with this security, we also need to increase the import capacity available to Guernsey to give access to imported low-carbon and renewable energy today,” Guernsey Electricity managing director Alan Bates is cited by This is Guernsey as saying.

RET is working closely with a selection of English Universities to continue and extend the work into researching of Guernsey’s resource and potential to utilise marine renewables.

In December, academics and students from the University of Plymouth visited the island to make a high level strategic assessment of the offshore renewable energy potential in the medium to longer term. The study focused on ascertaining if there is potential for a more medium term (3-5 years) strategy for the deployment of offshore renewable energy technology in Guernsey based on offshore wind and tidal stream energy.

The University of Exeter’s report on the feasibility of renewable energy in Guernsey, published in the summer 2012, said:“Overall, it is clear that Guernsey has a significant marine renewable energy resource that, if handled appropriately, has the potential to provide the island with many benefits.”


Offshore WIND Staff, January 8, 2013