Danish Test Bench Reduces Development Costs

Danish Test Bench Reduces Development Costs

 The test bench is among the most advanced in the world and besides testing of durability, function and mechanics of the nacelle, the facility can test wind turbine stability and capacity in a wind farm with many turbines and analyse how the entire wind park relates to a specific grid code.

The Danish wind power research center, Lindøe Offshore Center, is about to upgrade with this super advanced two-dock test bench for offshore wind turbines.

Regional project manager Peder Bo Sørensen explains that the new facilities will become a great advantage for manufacturers and operators:

 “Previously the companies had to simulate the effects of operation in a wind park and the interaction with the grid. But it is impossible to transform the actual physical conditions into a formula. Now they get the chance to test this realistically before establishing the actual wind park and this can reduce costs heavily.”

It is thanks to funding by the Danish shipping giant AP Møller’s General Fund, the major wind turbine manufacturers Vestas and Siemens, as well as the Southern Danish University and Force Technology that Lindøe Offshore Center now can start building one of the largest indoor facilities for testing and demonstration of wind turbines at a total budget of 270 million dollars.


Press release, December 25, 2012; Image: investindk