UK: Navitus Bay to Create 100 Permanent Jobs

UK: Navitus Bay to Create 100 Permanent Jobs

Construction of the Navitus Bay wind farm offshore the Isle of Wight could create around 1,000 temporary jobs, writes BBC.

When completed, the project would create 100 permanent jobs. The developers have not yet decided between Yarmouth, Poole, Swanage or Portland for the maintenance port.

The wind farm will have between 100 and 333 turbines, depending on the turbine capacity.

A spokesman for the Navitus Bay project Unsworth added: “There is a danger that people simply see this as a global plan and something that is decided by central government.

“There has got to be a local link to generate local commitment to the project and that is where the jobs come in.”


Offshore WIND staff, October 19, 2012; Image: navitusbay

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