GDF SUEZ Reaches 1GW of Installed Wind Energy (France)

GDF SUEZ Reaches 1GW of Installed Wind Energy (France)

Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman and CEO of GDF SUEZ, and Yves de Gaulle, Chairman and CEO of Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR) and member of the GDF SUEZ Executive Committee, inaugurated the CNR wind farm at Guerville, in the French Seine-Maritime department.

With the commissioning of this 12 MW facility, GDF SUEZ passes the 1,000 MW mark in operating wind energy in France and strengthens its position as the country’s wind energy leader. The Group has ambitious development plans for this industrial segment:

  •  to reach 2,000 MW of onshore installed wind power capacity in France by 2016;
  • to contribute to the development of offshore wind energy and the creation of French offshore wind industry.

On the occasion of the Guerville wind farm inauguration, Gérard Mestrallet, GDF SUEZ Chairman and CEO, said: “Reaching the 1,000 MW mark in onshore wind power in France demonstrates the commitment and ambition of GDF SUEZ in renewable energies, and our determination to develop efficient, economical and environment-friendly power projects in French heartland. To this end, GDF SUEZ has great ambitions in Haute-Normandie, a region where the Group already has a strong presence.”

 GDF SUEZ, wind power leader and second electricity operator in France

With over 1,000 MW of installed power capacity and a 16% market share, GDF SUEZ is the leading wind power producer in France. Its expertise covers the entire industry segment and benefits from the wind power experience of its specialized subsidiaries located throughout France – Compagnie du Vent, CN’Air, Eole Generation, Erelia, Maïa Eolis and Maïa EolMer. Their local connections enable GDF SUEZ and its subsidiaries to develop joint, environmentally-sensitive projects adapted to local conditions. With a total electrical production capacity of over 8,000 MW, GDF SUEZ is the second electricity operator in France. Since 2008 the Group has been the largest developer and investor in new electrical production capacity, especially in renewable.

 GDF SUEZ, candidate to operate offshore wind farms in France

GDF SUEZ seeks to develop offshore wind energy and create a competitive, sustainable, and job-producing industry in France. For that purpose, the Group created a consortium with Vinci to respond to the French government call for tenders for the construction of 3,000 MW offshore wind by 2015. The consortium will be working with two major industry partners that will provide the offshore wind turbines in designated zones – Areva in the Dieppe-Le Tréport (departments of Seine-Maritime and Somme), Courseulles-sur-Mer (Calvados) and Fécamp (Seine-Maritime) zones; and Siemens in the Saint-Brieuc (Côtes d’Armor department) zone.

GDF SUEZ has recognized know-how and experience in the offshore wind energy field thanks to over ten years’ experience in close to 30 projects of this kind in Europe. Its specialized subsidiaries, such as Ineo, Fabricom and Tractebel Engineering, provide answers for every phase of offshore wind energy projects, from feasibility studies and preparation to operation and maintenance.

 Haute-Normandie, a strategic region for GDF SUEZ

With nearly 2,650 employees in the Haute-Normandie region, GDF SUEZ is active in each of its business areas (energy, services and environment), particularly through its subsidiaries Axima Seitha, Cofely, Endel, Ineo, Lyonnaise des Eaux, Novergie, GrDF, GRTgaz, Savelys and Sita. The Group actively contributes to the region’s economic development, and has invested over €130 million in Haute-Normandie since 2008.

For many years, GDF SUEZ has also conducted important offshore wind energy projects in the region. Since 2005, through its Compagnie du Vent subsidiary, the Group has been developing the Deux Côtes offshore wind project in the Dieppe-Le Tréport zone. The project involves the establishment of 140 wind turbines for a total output of 700 MW, and will provide electricity for 900,000 area residents. Another GDF SUEZ subsidiary, Maïa EolMer, is studying a project in the Fécamp zone.


Offshore WIND staff, January 05, 2012; Image: gdfsuez