Nexans Welcomes Hubert Porte as New Director (France)

Nexans Welcomes Hubert Porte as New Director (France)

The Nexans Combined General Shareholders’ Meeting and the special meeting of the holders of double voting rights, both chaired by Frédéric Vincent, Chairman and CEO, were held in Paris on November 10, 2011.

These meetings were called in accordance with Nexans undertakings under the agreement signed with Madeco on March 27, 2011 to strengthen Madeco’s position as the Group’s main shareholder through the increase of its ownership from 9% to 20% of the share capital.

All resolutions proposed to the shareholders have been approved.

The shareholders approved resolutions related to the following subjects:

– the appointment of a third Madeco representative to the Board of Directors, namely Mr. Hubert Porte, and

– the update of the clauses in the Nexans bylaws regarding the use of voting rights, and in particular the cancellation of the statutory 8% voting limitation applicable to any shareholder at shareholders meetings, replaced by the introduction of a 20% statutory limitation of voting rights, applicable only to certain resolutions concerning strategic transactions.

Moreover, in accordance with the same agreement, Madeco has requested the appointment of Francisco Pérez, member of the Board since May 31, 2011, at the Appointments and Compensation Committee, in lieu of his participation to the Accounts and Audit Committee. This appointment was reviewed by the Appointments and Compensation Committee during its meeting held on November 7 and will be submitted for approval at the next Board of Directors’ meeting.


Source: nexans, November 11, 2011