Research and Markets Announces New Impact Analysis Report (Ireland)

Research and Markets has announced the addition of GlobalData ‘s new report “Impact Analysis of Sovereign Debt Crisis on Renewable Energy Industry of Key European Countries” to their offering.

The sovereign debt crisis in Europe is spreading from the smaller countries to core countries of the European region. The countries that have been most impacted are Greece, Portugal, and Spain. This has impacted the growth of the renewable sector in the region because the renewable sector is mainly driven by government support and because of debt crisis spending cuts have been announced. Some countries have announced feed in tariff (FIT) cuts while others have put a cap on the annual renewable installations. Amidst this, there are still some countries that have showed their commitment to stay focused in the renewable energy. Energy security, low carbon economy and job creation are some of the key factors for these countries to pursue renewable energy. An analysis of the key countries in the Europe reveals varying results.


Impact of sovereign debt crisis on renewable sector of the key European countries

Analyzing outlook for renewable energy in key European countries


Source: businesswire, November 02, 2011