Carnegie Publishes Annual Report (Australia)


Carnegie is an Australian Stock Exchange listed company focused solely on the development and commercialisation of its proprietary CETO wave energy technology. Carnegie’s West Australian base encompasses the West Perth head office, the Fremantle Private Wave Energy Research Facility and the commercial scale test site off Garden Island.

The propriety CETO wave energy technology has now progressed from a concept, through wave tank testing, scale models, CFD modelling and pilot plant one-third scale testing to the 2011 commercial scale demonstration.

The 2011 commercial scale demonstration has seen Carnegie take its most significant step forward in commercialising its CETO technology by successfully deploying a single, autonomous commercial scale CETO unit off Garden Island, Western Australia. The successful deployment and operation of the CETO 3 unit marked the completion of Stage 1 of the Perth Wave Energy Project, with Stage 2 now underway.

Carnegie’s Private Wave Energy Research Facility, located in Fremantle, Western Australia was at the centre of operations throughout 2011. This facility, formerly the location for Carnegie’s one-third scale pilot plant, provided a central location for the delivery and assembly of CETO 3 components and a site for onshore component and system pre-deployment testing.

This onshore test program was undertaken over several months and allowed Carnegie to test the performance of the CETO pump and hydraulic module prior to offshore deployment. After retrieval of the CETO 3 unit, components were returned to the Fremantle facility to undergo a full visual and technical inspection.

Carnegie’s focus is now to progress the commercialisation of CETO worldwide via strategic project delivery whilst continuing to refine and improve the CETO technology. The next step in the commercialisation process is to complete stage 2 of the Perth Wave Energy Project; a grid-connected commercial demonstration project. As with Stage 1, Stage 2 will be assisted by Carnegie’s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and working relationship with the Australian Department of Defence, and the Western Australian Government’s $12.5m grant.

In parallel with the Perth Wave Energy Project, Carnegie is working in Reunion Island with its Northern Hemisphere joint venture partner EDF-EN and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor DCNS to complete a separate commercial demonstration project. Stage 1 of this project is supported by French Government funding and will deliver the next iteration of the CETO technology, CETO 4.

Carnegie has also received support from the Irish Government via funding of a conceptual design study and resource assessment from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

Carnegie’s key relationships and strategic project pipeline will be instrumental in ensuring global success as the company moves forward with the commercialisation of the CETO technology.


Source: carnegiewave, October 03, 2011