Kimberley Tidal Project Back on (Australia)

A proposal to build one of the world’s largest tidal power plants is back on the agenda for the Kimberley region of Western Australia, eight years after the project was abandoned because of cost blowouts.

Tidal Energy Australia has reapplied for environmental approval for a project which it says would cost around $400 million.

Managing director Brian Rourke says the government’s push for cleaner energy, and an increased demand for power in the region, have made the project viable.

“Back in 2003, it was at a stage where the minister was almost ready to sign off for the final environmental approval. I don’t think a lot has changed, plus we’ve done a lot more studies since,” he said.

 “So we’re more confident now than we were back then.”

Mr Rourke says the project on Doctor’s Creek, near Derby, would be the world’s third largest tidal power plant, with the capacity to generate 100MW.



Source: abc, August 09, 2011