IT Power Appoints Abbie Badcock as New Marketing and Business Development Manager (UK)


IT Power announces the appointment of its new marketing and business development manager. Abbie Badcock, based in London, will be in charge of the marketing and business development strategy and implementation for this leading international renewable energy consultancy.

IT Power’s Joint Managing Director, Anthony Derrick stated, “IT Power is excited to have Abbie join the company and we view her as a worthwhile addition to our future. Abbie’s background in the marine energy sector complements our work in the marine renewables space, but also our global growth strategy. We look forward to her communicating our past experiences and future vision for renewable energy, as well as expanding our strategic business in Europe and around the world.”

Abbie joins IT Power from FC Business Intelligence where she was Director of the marine renewable energy team under the brand names of Tidal Today, Wave Energy Today and Wind Energy Update.

She joined FC Business Intelligence in 2006 and specialised in market research, project management, and marketing as well as strategic business development. She has extensive knowledge working with key industry stakeholders in the electricity, marine and wind energy sectors and developed strong international relationships with European, Asian and North American contacts.

Regarding her new appointment, Abbie commented that, “It’s a very exciting time to join the IT Power Group. The company is celebrating its 30th year this year and has delivered over 1500 cutting edge renewable energy policy and technical design projects in those 30 years. That’s quite some legacy. We will be commemorating our past achievements and mapping out our future vision this October.”

About IT Power Ltd

IT Power is a leading international energy consultancy which specialises in sustainable energy technologies and policy, and related economic, financial, commercial and environmental work. First launched in 1981, IT Power has grown to become the IT Power Group of Companies, which provides specialist services in all aspects of sustainable energy and climate change. With 30 years of experience achieved in 1500+ projects in 120+ countries, IT Power is entering a new phase of rapid growth, in line with the global imperative to tackle the human impact on the climate through the use of renewable energy technologies.

Headquartered in the UK with offices in Bristol and London, and operates out of offices across the world, IT Power provides a global network of specialists. The company and team members have been recognised by several prestigious awards.


Source: IT Power, August 01, 2011;