Seajacks Mobilizes 2 Self-Propelled Jack-up Vessels for Walney 2 Offshore Wind Farm (UK)


Seajacks International (Seajacks) continues to build an impressive track record for the efficient and effective installation of offshore wind turbines.

Having concluded their current assignment at Greater Gabbard, Seajacks’ two self-propelled jack-up vessels will transit to Falmouth Harbour, where they will undergo mobilisation works and be modified to work in tandem on the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm Project. As part of the mobilisation for the Walney Extension, both vessels will be fitted with newly constructed 100T blade racks which are being constructed and fitted by A&P Group in Falmouth Harbour. It has been estimated that up to 100 new jobs have been created in Cornwall, UK, as a result.

Seajacks continue to develop their impressive track record of completing projects on time and on budget. The vessels have now installed 118 Siemens 3.6MW wind turbines and after the Walney Extension will have installed over 150 by the third quarter of 2011. A spokesman for Seajacks said “The 100th turbine installation occurred on the Greater Gabbard wind farm where both vessels have been working in tandem. This milestone comes off the back of an extremely successful project at Walney where Kraken installed 47 wind turbines.

Whilst working at Walney 1, we have achieved some impressive feats such as completing a full turbine install in 9 hours and a 2 turbine cycle from a very restrictive tidal port in just 3 days. We also achieved what we believe to be a first in the industry, a full deconstruction and reconstruction of a Siemens 3.6 WTG.

In addition, during January Kraken transited approximately 640 miles in just 4 days. The transit took the vessel from Mostyn on the West Coast, around Land’s End to the Port of Harwich on the East Coast. Using a similar sized towed vessel, this journey would have taken weeks.”

Once the new Walney assignment is completed, Leviathan is then scheduled to return to Greater Gabbard where it will continue to work through to the end of the year.

Construction of Seajacks’ new self-propelled jack-up vessel ‘Seajacks Zaratan’ continues to progress ahead of schedule and is on track for delivery in May 2012 (UAE). The vessel will be a modified version of the MSC NG5500 design, which incorporates a fully redundant DP2 propulsion system, provides accommodation for 90 persons, and has an 800T leg encircling crane designed by MSC.



Source: seajacks, April 18, 2011