Dong Energy Sponsors Renewable Energy Chair at Durham University (UK)

DONG Energy announced today that it is sponsoring a new Renewable Energy Chair at Durham University for the next eight years. The funding strengthens DONG Energy’s commitment to fostering renewable energy research and development in the UK.

The sponsorship also includes DONG Energy’s funding of a full scholarship (taught or by research) at the university for a masters student each year.

At the signing today at Durham, Professor Phil Taylor was named as the first person to hold the Chair. Professor Taylor will be replaced in his current teaching position at Durham once he takes up this position.

Peter Gedbjerg, Vice President for DONG Energy Power UK, attending the signing, said:

The UK is aiming to vastly increase the amount of offshore wind generation it has in the next decade, which means building faster and further from shore. There are still challenges in deeper waters for wind. As one of the bigplayers in offshore wind, DONG Energy must be active and at the forefront of ensuring that we develop the new technologies required. DONG Energy’s sponsorship of this Chair will help the UK to realise its ambitions.”

DONG Energy has already invested £2.5 billion in offshore wind in the UK and has a further 1,400 MW of offshore wind farms either planned or in construction

The Chair will carry out both research and teaching to contribute to establishing, strengthening and maintaining technical collaboration between DONG Energy, its own researchers and those in other groups and universities.

Prof Taylor said:

DONG Energy’s long term commitment to renewable energy is further emphasised by their sponsoring of this position, which will help Durham Energy Institute (DEI) maximise the potential of all our strands of research into renewables.”

Professor Taylor’s expertise focuses on the challenges associated with the widespread integration and control of distributed generation in electrical distribution networks. He has significant industrial experience as an electrical engineer. There are currently 50 postgraduates undertaking a research training programme in energy at DEI.



Source: DONG Energy  ,March 16, 2011