JDR Awarded £2M Grant to Develop High Voltage Cables (UK)

JDR has been awarded a £2million grant to develop high voltage cables. The award forms part of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC’s) plans to help UK companies invest in the equipment and technology required to support the country’s transition to a low carbon future.

As a leader in the renewable energy market, JDR Cable Systems already supplies medium voltage cables to major offshore wind farms in the UK.

Patrick Phelan Managing Director, JDR Cable Systems Ltd. said, “We are delighted to be awarded this grant which recognises our leadership position and commitment to the renewable sector. The grant will help JDR to become the only UK company capable of manufacturing high voltage alternating current export cables (HVAC), that will weigh up to 4000 tonnes each, for the rapidly growing offshore wind energy market, particularly for UK Round 3 projects. This £2m award will form part of an additional investment of £11m in specialist equipment at our deepwater quayside factory in Hartlepool. High voltage export cables are a bottleneck in the supply chain for offshore wind farms and we are delighted that, as a result of this investment, we will have the capability to manufacture this vital connection right here in the UK.”


Source: jdrcables, July 06, 2010;