Normand Maximus detail page

Normand Maximus
Image of Normand Maximus
  • Year of build:
  • LOA:
  • Deck Area:
  • Variable Load:
  • Crane Type:
    Active Heave Compensated Latice Boom
  • Max lifting capacity:
    Main hook: 900t; Whip hook: 100t
  • Accommodation details:
    Cabins for 180 persons
  • Helideck:
    Suitable for Sikorsky S93 certified refuelling system
  • Service speed:
    14 knots
  • DP Class:
    DP III
  • Other:
    Can be fitted with cable laying equipment (carousels, lay tower, winch reels); Permanently fitted under deck winches etc. for cable laying operations; Permanently fitted with 2x Work Class Innovator ROVs
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