IHC Heavy lift jack up vessel detail page

IHC Heavy lift jack up vessel
Image of IHC Heavy lift jack up vessel
  • Propulsion:
    aft 2 azimuth thrusters of 2,200kW each, fore 2 azimuth retractable thrusters 2,000kW each
  • Design:
    Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam B.V., a Royal IHC subsidiary
  • LOA:
  • Deck Area:
  • Variable Load:
  • Max water depth:
  • Crane Type:
    Leg encircling crane
  • Max lifting capacity:
    main hoist SWL 800t@28m, auxiliary hoist SWL 100t@87m
  • Accommodation details:
    72 persons
  • Helideck:
    optional, structure prepared for Sikorsky S-70 or equivalent
  • Service speed:
    8.30 knots
  • DP Class:
    Designed for DP operations according to DPS-2 regulations